Exterior Painting

Sheen:  We typically use Flat for stucco, Gloss for trim and satin for siding, however we will use whatever sheen the customer prefers.


◦   Power wash to remove dirt, mildew and pollution
◦   Scrape loose or peeling paint
◦   Caulk cracks and holes
◦   Sand where needed
◦   Spot prime bare wood (where needed)
◦   Re-glaze windows (only if and where needed)


Priming is only done if necessary and will be discussed with the customer and noted in the estimate.  Some reasons for priming are:

◦   Chalking paint
◦   Bare wood
◦   Drastic color change


We apply by both spray and brush, with the majority of the work being by spray.  Normally all of the siding and overhangs are sprayed, with the trim being brushed.  We do occasionally have to brush the entire job.  Most of the time this is due to deterioration and cracking of pressboard siding (aka masonite siding) or at the customer request.