Deck Restoration

1. Evaluation
A Professional Norm Potter, Inc.  representative will give you a FREE no obligation evaluation of your exterior wood surface and estimate of our restoration and preservation process.
2. Cleaning
A Professional Pressure Cleaning Norm Potter Inc. specialist will clean your exterior wood surface to remove failing finishes, mildew, moss, debris and dead wood fiber - this is done with various restorative detergents and low pressure cleaning equipment using environmentally safe techniques to insure the best for your wood and everything around it. At this point, the restored beauty of your wood can be seen.
3. Inspection and Repair
Next we will inspect the cleaned surfaces to find any deteriorated or sub-standard parts of the surface. Then we will repair or replace those sections.
4. Treatment and Preservation
We will apply a penetrating preservative from our selection of wood treatment products. This will restore water repellency, prevent the re-growth of moss and mildew and protect the surface from photo degradation and hydrolysis by sunlight.